Lani Refiti – IoTSec Australia

Lani Refiti has a unique, diverse background as a leading authority on emerging technology and cybersecurity having spent 20 years in senior roles for leading organisations such as Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and also practicing as a Psychotherapist specialising in organisational leadership and innovation.

Building on this Lani co-founded IoTSec Australia Inc in 2016 and serve as it’s Chief Executive Officer to focus on the cybersecurity implications when developing solutions for smart cities, driverless / autonomous cars, smart health and AI. As a sought after executive, Lani also serves on the advisory boards of Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce QLD (AICC), Australian Cyber Security Networks (ACSN) and Signature Films.

Although these are primarily technologically focused, Lani’s passion as a Psychotherapist gives him unique insights into the human experience and our existential needs around connection and contact juxtaposed against a rapidly emerging technology landscape that may or may not support these needs. Subsequently Lani is pioneering a person-centred approach to technology and one of his first projects is to begin research in the emerging field of technology addiction/obsession particularly in adolescents.

A prominent public speaker, Lani also has a regular guest appearance on Channel 9 Queensland as technology expert where he is often called upon to speak on emerging technology such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity.