Angus Griffin – AARNet

Angus started his career at Edith Cowan University following completion of a Bachelor of Science degree, specialising in Computer Science.  During his time at ECU Angus worked in a variety of technical and management roles across a number of areas of the University, including having responsibility for the IT Infrastructure of the institution.  Under his leadership, the University made substantial investments in Green I.T. resulting in significant reductions in power use. He was also elected to chair the Western Australian Regional Network Organisation, representing the networking and telecommunication interests of W.A. Universities, nationally.

In 2012, after serving Edith Cowan University for over nine years, Angus joined AARNet – the Australian Academic and Research Network – in a Business Development role.  AARNet is a not-for-profit organisation whose shareholders are 38 Australian Universities and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), which provides high speed telecommunications and Internet services to Research and Education organisations in Australia. Angus is presently AARNet’s Director, Customer Relations.

Angus’ background in science and particular interest in science education, coupled with a passion for the effective and intelligent use of telecommunications and technology in education continues to inspire his endeavours today.